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A small girl had been wandering in the woods near her home when she lost her way. She walked in circles for many hours and just when she was about to give up in desperation, she came across three huge rocks standing steadfast in the middle of a grassy clearing. On the face of each rock was inscribed a short verse carved out in large straight letters. On the rock to the extreme left, the girl read the following:

If you're lost - this message here,
will help you find your way.
Read each line with utmost care,
and you'll be home today.

On the second rock the girl slowly mouthed the words once again:

A warning now, to aid you,
should you need a clue.
Look closely at each rock and choose,
the one that's right for you.

Finally, the third rock, which read:

Be careful not to look too close,
for then you'll fail to see.
What should be plain, provided,
that you're happy and you're free.

Though the girl was small and knew little of the world she had shown a passion for riddles and considered herself to be very good at solving them. First, she paced around the rocks one at a time looking for any clue that might show itself to be obvious. Her search turned up nothing. Next, she read over the verses again, taking care to contemplate each line carefully. Still she was no closer to seeing how the rocks could help her find her way home. As she walked round the rocks, she noticed a tiny flower growing in the soft grass on the edge of the clearing amidst the weeds. She rushed to where the flower grew. Its petals were very small but each one was perfectly formed and as she held it to her nose she could smell a delicate almost undetectable fragrance.

"What a sweet little flower," the girl said as she twirled the stem between her fingers. And she danced about the edge of the clearing singing a little song and tossing her head from side to side in carefree fashion.

But the distraction did not steal her attention for long. Skipping and singing, she suddenly stopped still, startled by something she had seen. The flower fell from her hand as her arms dropped to her side. She stood in silent amazement.

There in the center of the clearing where she had read the verses engraved on the rocks, was a sign so clear she could hardly believe she hadn't seen it before. An enormous arrow pointed the way out of the woods. The third rock, as large and imposing as the other two, was a giant moss covered pointer. Only by way of standing back a little did the rock reveal its arrow shape. Standing too close, the enormity of the megalith hid its obvious message and only if one was standing in exactly the right position was the direction clear.

The girl did not hesitate. With an innocent gasp, she made sure of the way once again and hurried off home, frolicking along the way, stopping now and then to admire the tiny flowers that lined the path.

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