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The Not-Real World
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Every day, the world over, events occur which seriously challenge modern and accepted views of science, history, our understanding of where we came from, what we are capable of and most of all, what is really going on in the world, in every conceivable area of life. These occurrences go continuously unacknowledged and are even actively denied.

Sadly, in our world today, what is
real and what is not real is determined not by examination of the evidence or by serious investigation of those things that by their very nature demand our attention, but decided by a kind of social consensus. Certainly the media contribute to the silence and the condemnation. So too, do our elected leaders. But perhaps, most shockingly, people themselves serve to perpetuate this incredible denial of the truth. Despite this denial, the presence of the 'not-real', exerts itself prolifically in the lives of the world's citizens with unrelenting persistence. Piercing the taut skin of 'reality' with vigorous determination, factual occurrences, perhaps mistakenly labeled 'phenomenon' in many cases, go unrecognized by officialdom and individuals alike and thus, hamper the progress society and its individuals would otherwise be capable of.

The alarming truth about our world and the influences that come to bear upon it, are banished to a kind of underground or fringe existence, forced to endure the ridicule and scorn of conventional society. That which holds the greatest promise toward the understanding of who we are and what our purpose really is, continues to be cast to the furthest reaches of what we could conveniently describe as the
'Not-Real World'. A world in fact, much closer to the truth than perhaps even those who are open to it have the ability to comprehend...

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