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Deny your strength and waste your life,
The years will hurry by,
Ignore the urge to prosper,
And watch your passion die.

Defy your need for meaning,
Your purpose will not last,
Turn your back on what is true,
And languish in the past.

Deter yourself from loving,
And see your chances fade,
Close your heart to those who do,
And prices will be paid.

Deceive your closest confidants,
It's you you're lying to,
Deceit's the same by any name,
No matter what you do.

Delight in what's around you,
Your world will live again,
Embrace and be wholehearted,
Advance the cause of man.

Wayfarer International, Copyright © John & Melody Anderson, 1997 - 2002. All rights reserved.

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