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The Real World - What you see is what you get...

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What is the 'Real World'?

Essentially, it's an interpretation or preferred view of what we imagine reality to be. True, everything is a product of perception, no matter what we do, perception will always shape our understanding of the world. However, once we instigate a conditional framework for perceiving what actually occurs, we alienate ourselves from events in a manner that ensures our journey through life is nothing more than a predetermined series of conditioned responses, conforming to our expectations. Thus, we limit our potential for discovery.

Perhaps reality, (the way things really are), is directly opposed to our understanding of it (the way things seem to be). How would we know?

In order to initiate a process of becoming more able to perceive what is true within our world, we must begin to understand the way in which we, collectively and as individuals, choose to perceive it; we must learn about the obstacles we set down before ourselves; we must come to understand our own preferred views of the world. By exposing and acknowledging the illusions, we can more readily embrace the truth. Then, and only then, can we even hope to glimpse the truly magical reality of life and living. Perhaps, in our minds and in our hearts, we can break through that which we know to be possible, and enter the bounds of that which not only seems impossible, but indeed, that which may well describe the
true nature of men and women and this planet upon which we depend for the expression of our earthly existence...

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