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No, I won't come with you,
Nor will I go alone,
I'd rather stay here where it's safe,
Than confront the great unknown.

Please, don't try to tempt me,
I cannot hear your plea,
I'd prefer to stay here on the land,
Than sail a restless sea.

Stop, I will not have it,
I cannot change my mind,
I've fought too hard to live this life,'
To leave it all behind.

Yes, I have to do this,
There is no other way,
If you were me, you'd understand,
There's nothing you can say.

Why? I shouldn't have to,
Don't make me come with you,
You have no right to make me change,
Don't tell me what to do.

Fine, I do not need you,
Hurry up and go,
I'm happy just the way I am,
Don't pretend that you don't know.

No! Will you not listen?
I'll repeat myself once more,
There's nothing you can help me with,
I'll show you to the door!

"There, now I'm committed,
At last I've made a stand,
Now I'm free to read my books,
And do the things I planned."

Wayfarer International, Copyright © John & Melody Anderson, 1997 - 2002. All rights reserved.

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