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Moments in Time

Can the bloom exist without the seed?
The seed without the bloom?
Can a room exist without a door?
A door without a room?
And will the day be just as sure, without the dark of night?
And does the sky retain its blue, without the gift of sight?

Can a life exist, beyond the flesh?
And flesh devoid of life?
Can a he exist without a she?
A husband, or a wife?
And will our love be quite the same, without the love we know?
And would the happiness remain, if you or I should go?

Can a song exist, without the words?
A singer without songs?
Can a lover have a longing…
Without that for which he longs?
And will others know that what we are, is born of you and me?
And will they see that what I do, is not just I - but we?!

Can inspiration find its place, without a place to go?
Can magic still have power, for those who need to know?
And will the story that we tell, withstand the test of time?
And will this message still endure, without the gift of rhyme?

Can it be, that what we know, results from what we see?
Can it be, that what I write, you write along with me…
And even though I hold the pen, the words we write as one.
And even then, when we depart, the truth in love, lives on.

Can a soul exist without a life? A life without a soul?
Can a whole exist without the parts? The parts without the whole?
And will the world be richer for our walk upon the Earth?
For if a life has not been great, has it really proved its worth?

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