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There will come a time...

There will come a time when all your days are spent in the company of others, not from compulsion but because it is what you prefer.
A time when all those around you seek your company and speak fondly of times had together.
You will walk among people and feel nothing but lightness and respect for life and for the world.
You will drink wine and break bread in the name of friendship and abundance will be yours.
And all your fondest moments will be those shared with others.
Your home will be a place of laughter and merriment and comings and goings.
And the world will be but a glance away through an open window.
You will run with the breeze on your face and you will not be afraid.
Your skin will bristle and your heart will be open and you will feel love wherever you are.
You will go with your arms outstretched and you will hold hands with those you love and when you look in the mirror, you will not feel shame.
And when you lie down at night, you will be at peace.

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