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In days to come...

In days to come, your home will be a place of bustle and spirited activity.
People will come and go and you will revel in their presence.
Conversation will flow over food and drink and all will be fulfilled and content.
You will share their good fortune and they will partake of yours.
You will experience an inspired sense of peace as you live and love with your chosen partner and together you will create marvelous adventures.
Yours will be a life bubbling with a vital spirit that enhances every moment.
Every breath will be sweet, every movement wiII be a joyous expression of physical delight.
Your body will be alive and free and it will flex and bend with ease.
Your heart will be lifted at the sight of a tree or a bird or a flower.
All will be an inspiration to you.
And when you share this love, others will be inspired and they will know that their world is a wonderful place.
You will spend your days not in battle with all that is around you, but in complete contentment and with a sense of oneness with everyone you meet.

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