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Very Soon...

Very soon your life will reflect peace and contentment and all will be as you want it to be.
You will laugh and love in the arms of a man whose life will join with yours in happy union.
Your times will be moments of great lightness and you will share hopes and aspirations alike.
Life will be something you grasp with both hands and all people will be of equal value.
Your body will hum with the silent sounds of rightness and all will be right and relaxed.
You will thrill in the company of others and your expression of sheer energy and enthusiasm will be an inspiration to people wherever you go.
Your days will flow one into the other and each will be as fulfilling and creative as the last, each with its tender moments, each with its moments of passion.
You will taste and smell and touch with intense appreciation and all that you see will be a feast to delight the eye.
And you will hear silence and sound with equal reverence and when you speak, yours will be the voice of compassion.

And with these things will come greatness.

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