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A time will come...

A time will come when you walk among people and feel nothing but serenity.
When all men are kindred spirits and no one is beyond reach.
A time when to listen and to speak are of equal value and you will make yourself heard without fear.
And your heart will dance and your soul will sing and your love will radiate a powerful light.
And you will walk as though on air and your body will be an instrument of expression and youthful spirit.
And you will know great peace and all around you will know it too.
And there will be passion in your life of such richness that all will be of divine inspiration.
And you will laugh and frolic with the man at your side with newfound freedom and your journey together will be one of greatness.
And love will be young again.
And as you grow in respect for the world and its people, you will know great compassion and your love will touch others who seek what you know and they will know compassion as you do.

And the stars in the night sky will smile on you for you will be blessed.

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