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Not too far in the future...

Not too far in the future, your life will be one of freedom and rightness. All will be as a result of your desire.
Your days will reflect a love of people and a love of rightness.
Everything will assume its rightful place.
Your home will be a place, not of the forbidden, but of sharing and harmony.
Your man will respect your right to choose and he will share in the satisfaction of choosing too.
You will be reminded of your love in all that you do and your days will be joyous and rewarding.
You will be inspired to walk with your head high and your heart open and assurance will guide your every step.
The tide will ebb and flow and the beach will glisten in the sun and every wave will be new and every splash will be the first.
And as you walk among people you will dance, every step will be an expression of the dynamic, every glance, a smile for all humanity.
And when you stand alongside children, you will share their fun and you will frolic with them and no longer will you be beyond their games.
Your love will be as much an inspiration to them as they are to you.

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