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Consider the young bird as it is nudged from the nest and encouraged to fly.
Such is the apparent bravery of the fledgling, it is plunged into open air without regret or without fear of the ground below - and without looking back, surrenders itself to the featureless world of thin air.
As it learns to soar on the breeze it begins to know the currents and the wind changes and learns to fly with them, so that no longer is it bird, but bird in flight - an inseparable combination of bird and breeze.
The two have become one.
Bird and breeze have become flight.
Without mode or motion, there is no flight and without the air, flight has no meaning.
And when flying is done and in the new season, as before, the adult bird must build his nest anew, with neither thought for the last nor the one before that.

And for what reason he knows not, except that it must be done.

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