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Consider the tiny seed, the promise of new life, yet showing no trace of its future glory.
Nestled in the warm earth it makes no plans for growing.
And with the nourishment of the sun and with water from the sky, tiny projectiles pierce the surface of the ground in perfect formation.
And it continues to grow without worry for how to grow, or how quickly.
Without question the tiny plant grows, for it worries not 'when next will it rain?" or 'will the sun come up tomorrow?'
And as it grows, it appears to stand still and its growing cannot be seen, save for the adult plant that stands before us, its fully fledged limbs waving in the breeze so that we might know that it has come this far.
And as the sun brings light to the shiny green leaves and the earth beneath gives support to the roots and the trunk we realise that the plant is not a product of growing alone, but of the soil and the sun and of the skies.

And that without these things life is no longer, nor shall things grow.

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