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Consider the boat as it gently rocks, the water lapping at the hull, and the blue of the sea framing the clean curves and long lines.
See how in the setting sun, the boat is transformed, shimmering and golden in the dying light.
And with the coming of morning rain, the vessel is refreshed.
You breathe in the salt air - it has become a part of you and you a part of it.
As you step aboard, the boat settles in the water - the water, a part of the boat, the boat a part of the water. Separate the two and something is lost.
And as you ride out into the boundless blue, it is you riding the waves, not the boat, yet without it, you have no cause to be there.
And the water beneath cradles you in the arms of the unknown, on a journey without destination, for a purpose that does not exist.

And you, by no means a sailor, must become master of an unpredictable sea.

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