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Equality (May 1995)

Equality is traditionally thought of as being a physical comparison between two or more things or people. However, it has become increasingly obvious that equality will always be subjective. The only effective way to achieve equality is to make of oneself an equal, and the actual circumstances will take care of themselves.

Dealing with issues of equality with one person implies a willingness to deal with your equality with everyone. However, there is a rather important point to be made about equality. Equality cannot result from physical equality or indeed instigating a common level in physical terms, whereby everyone is accorded the same kind of status. Equality is very much demonstrated in how you are. Sometimes it can seem as though we are striving for equality by trying to regard everyone the same way, however, equality cannot be forced, nor is it always a product of relating to everyone the same way. People are different, circumstances are different and in essence the way we relate to people must be appropriate to these factors. It can see like a fine line between feeling the same toward others and trying to force equality by acting the same.

Feeling the same and acting the same are not the same, for appropriateness changes the requirement for our actions. It is not always appropriate to treat everyone in the same manner. Different people require different behavior, even though it is essential to feel the same towards everyone and to have the same objectives. Equality and openness are constant. They do not change as we relate to different people. These things should always be the same. However, equality, true equality, demands that an individual be open to sensing appropriateness and differences and being prepared to go along with what is right. The trap for many individuals who seek equality is wrongly perceiving that thinking and logic can produce equality. Thinking only interrupts the individual's ability to be equal. When thinking forms the basis of our relating, no purity can possibly have influence. Ideally, in the pursuit of equality, we must learn to act upon feeling, because logic will only confuse the issue and see that equality is interfered with.

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