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Conflicts (March 1996)

Much of new age thought considers reaction to be a negative and destructive by-product of a struggle to become a more peaceful individual. Our investigations in 1996 however, were beginning to reveal that conflict and reaction are necessary and vital steps in the process of having and becoming more in life...

Has your life been taking a completely different direction in terms of what you now pursue and how you pursue it? If being able to continue this direction is desirable to you, then it is important to acknowledge that all in the past has lead you to this point. Without all the experiences of that period, even the so-called negative ones, your options for progress would have been somewhat limited. Even if you are only now in a position where a change in direction has become possible, all past experiences still have relevance. What you will have been doing, either knowingly or unknowingly, is creating an environment conducive to change. Without seemingly negative experiences, or times of intensity, necessary opportunities for growth are more difficult to come by. Conflicts in an individual's life signify a person undergoing processes of change or indeed demonstrate the options for change. The absence of conflicts should give the individual more to be concerned about, for this essentially means that life remains unchanging. This is an extremely important concept to understand and to work with.

Conflicts are required. As soon as the conflicts disappear, you are in serious trouble. It is important also to begin being able to make the distinction between
reactions and opportunities and to be able to manipulate your perception to embrace conflict, rather than to fight it. The perception that 'all that is occurring in one's life at any one time is right' is an essential one if you are to make the most of your opportunities. You will find that, particularly at times when you desire most, conflicts seem to multiply. At these times, a sense of assurance that desire has brought these things upon you (and for good reason) will make the difference between grappling with your challenges and mastering them.

A fundamental sense of the order and wonder of life will allow you to take hold of the experiences you have and to give them meaning. Obviously, the ability to suspend the compulsion to intellectualize and instead to open up to magic is quite important. You will find that this opening to magic and indeed opening to the 'not known' will act as a doorway toward having
more in life and will allow you to reduce the limitations that relate to having more.

Having more is a particularly important ideal to begin understanding, for the way in which you perceive it essentially defines the way in which it works for you. Having more as a direction for life is, in fact, the most successful way to make changes in your life because it allows you an instant sense of fulfillment. When you feel a desire for more, you immediately make an acknowledgment, by implication, of what you have now. This is distinct from the desire to have change, which makes no such allowance for the appreciation of what you have now. In fact, more often than not, wanting change carries with it an implied criticism of what you have and how you are now and does in no way encourage you to want alternatives. The desire to have more suggests also an allowing of what you have now in the sense that there is no pressure or urgency, no rush to impose change, but instead provides a gentle avenue for accumulating more.

Beginning to see things in your life in terms of what you have now and having more will remove many of the unnecessary struggles that can seem to slow our progress.

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